Value added Services


Sawing and machining of highly alloyed steel requires metallurgical expertise and modern equipment. As one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers BÖHLER has the human and technical resources for efficient processing.

Take advantage of our milling and sawing service, which is tailored to your needs and promises you professional and economical machining. 9 Powerful milling machines and about 40 modern saws are available for the entire product range. This enables us to bring even large sizes in a short time to the required dimension. You benefit from fast and reliable delivery of precisely fitting parts, so you can devote your valuable resources to what matters: your core business.


Physical Vapour Deposition coating is offered at BÖHLER USA using the most up-to-date coating technology. PVD coating is a vacuum coating technique which creates a film on the surface of the part to extend the tool life, lower maintenance and improve overall quality. We offer two state-of-the-art coating techniques: VARIANTIC and TIGRAL, to accommodate customers operating in a variety of industries.

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