BÖHLER Specialty Steel Solutions for Aerospace


Materials play a decisive role in the aircraft industry. Intelligent materials make air travel not just safer, but also significantly less expensive. Maximum strength and high corrosion resistance with the least possible weight – we provide the aerospace industry with the steels that it needs, in any desired alloy and size. Every step of its production is in our hands. For quality at the highest level.



  • Fifth largest supplier of specialty steels to the aerospace industry worldwide
  • Global sales network ensures customer proximity to Tier 1 and OEMs
  • Materials & components made from special materials: Titanium and nickel-based alloys by BÖHLER & PVD coatings by voestalpine eifeler Coatings for highly demanding applications
  • Ongoing expansion of approvals & services

  • Fully integrated special steel manufacturer with production, sales and services from a single source
  • Strongly diversified customer base, no dependence on a few major customers
  • Dense sales and service network secures global presence, clear focus on our customers as highest priority (customer intimacy)
  • Global market leader in selected, technologically highly demanding product segments – not a commodity steel producer
  • Strong brands with a long tradition of quality, delivery, excellent performance and stability secure strong brand loyalty

BÖHLER offers a complete supply chain solution. From steel production to the finished product, BÖHLER provides value by supporting all critical elements in the supply chain.

No other competitor in the special steel sector has such a robust sales network with warehousing and logistics management, machining, heat treatment, coating facilities and additive manufacturing (3D printing with metal powder).



BÖHLER’s supply chain solution helps manage risks. As BÖHLER is the entire supply chain, we ensure your product is produced and treated on time through every step of the supply chain.
We aim to be at ≥ 95% on time delivery, to ensure the product is on your floor and ready for use.


The supply chain solution not only ensures on time delivery, but also guarantees quality products from initial steel melt to your finalized product.

We take complete ownership of the steel manufacturing process, shipment, and inventory, so that you can rest assured your product meets the highest quality standards and on time delivery requirements.

The additive manufacturing process uses 3D data to manufacture components by adding layer upon layer of metal powder. Advantages of this technology include:
  • Ability to produce complex geometries (weight reduction, lattice structures)
  • Customized production, low warehousing costs, small batches
  • Short innovation/product development cycles

Material expertise and extensive experience in powder metallurgy within the division through BÖHLER and voestalpine Global Additive Manufacturing Centres.


Research competence centers combine the core competences of powder production with design optimization and component production.

voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Centers in:

  • Düsseldorf, in operation since April 2016
  • Toronto, in operation since October 2017
  • Additional facilities in Singapore, Taiwan

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